Day 3:

Day three was originally broadcast on September 17, 2020 and is now available on demand.

Learn how to trade globally and avoid the tax pitfalls - we have a host of speakers who will share their tips on how to sell into the US successfully.


The OECD will kick off our briefings, discussing their approach to ensuring fair global taxation and how they are trying to harmonise regimes across the world.


With the growth of ecommerce and the boom in globalisation we will be joined by BDO, KPMG and GFS to discuss the challenges of international trading, from the complexities of trading with the US, to the Indian GST and how Brazil is trying to reform the world's most complex tax system.


Find out:

  • What key things businesses need to know when trading with the US

  • How delivery Incoterms are changing post Brexit

  • Why the Brazilian tax regime is in dire need of reform

  • 3 years on - has Indian GST been a success?

Global trading  &

Breaking into the US

Release time:

10:00 AM

Harmonisation for fair global taxation

Piet will explain how global VAT and GST have become a fundamental measure for governments as they seek to support and put into recovery businesses and consumers. He will also explain the OECD's work in promoting good practices in international VAT / GST regimes, and how it's helping with marketplace reforms.

Piet Battiau

Head of Consumption Taxes Unit / OECD

Release time:

10:30 AM

Asia Pacific - VAT & GST adapts to a COVID-19 world

Lachlan from KPMG provides a global view of the impact of COVID-19 on GST and Asia-Pacific VAT.

Lachlan Wolfers

Global Head of Indirect Tax / KPMG

Release time:

10:30 AM

Brazil - Reforming the world's most complex tax system

Join Professor Rita de la Feria as she unpicks the most complex tax system in the world - Brazil!

Prof. Rita de la Feria

Chair in Tax Law / University of Leeds

Release time:

10:30 AM

US & Brexit ecommerce delivery Incoterms - Don't disappoint your customers

Trading internationally? Join leading logistics provider GFS as we discuss how to ensure you meet customer expectations, importing and exporting post-Brexit and the challenges of trading with the US.

Bobbie Ttooulis

Group Marketing Director / Global Freight Solutions

Release time:

10:30 AM

Selling into the US - Don't let sales tax trip you up

Join Rachel from BDO as she highlights new US tax laws and how they will impact European businesses selling into the US.

Rachel Le Mieux

Partner / BDO

Release time:

10:30 AM

The global digital tax maze

Róisín will be giving her perspective on cross-border digital taxes for businesses going global. This includes the challenges of VAT and GST compliance on digital services as many more countries bring non-resident businesses into their tax nets. This includes the US, which faces particular unique rules on sales taxes on digital services. Also, the particular challenges arising on Brexit, and how to recalibrate European MOSS VAT registrations.

Roisin Nolan

Director - Global Indirect & DS Tax / Autodesk

Release time:

10:30 AM

Indian GST - Success after 3 years?

- Key changes brought about with the introduction of GST.
- GST on imports of goods and services into India
- Supply of electronically mediated services to India
Agents in India
- Operating in India under GST: branch office; subsidiary, one-off transactions.
- E-commerce
- Recent changes in procedural requirements: e-invoicing

Radha Arun


Release time:

10:30 AM

Ecommerce successes during COVID-19

Join Avalara's President and COO, Amit Mathradas as he reviews the ecommerce category 'risers and fallers' during the COVID-19 pandemic, and lays out the online basics for business to thrive during the crisis.

Amit Mathradas

President and COO / Avalara

Release time:

10:30 AM

The race to automate tax

Don't miss Kid's session for an overview of Avalara's products, solutions and vision.

Kid Misso

VP of Product Management EMEA / Avalara

Release time:

10:30 AM

Streamline your global VAT compliance

Remove the headache of global VAT compliance with real-time VAT calculations.

Colin Matthews

Director, Solutions Consulting (VAT & SUT) / Avalara

Release time:

10:30 AM

Selling into the US? Stay on top of ever changing Sales Tax laws

Keeping up with frequent rule changes in jurisdictions around the world can be a full-time job. Leave it to Avalara. We’re obsessively up to date and push updates from our powerful tax engine with no interruptions to your service.

Join Jake Estes for a demo of our 'AvaTax for Sales Tax' product, and we'll be answering your questions on live chat.
Join Jake Estes for a demo of out 'AvaTax for Sales Tax' product, and we'll be answering your questions on live chat.

Jake Estes

Solutions Engineer - EMEA / Avalara

Release time:

10:30 AM

Automating to survive the Brazilian tax regime

The Growth of Digital Commerce vs the Brazilian tax regulations: transforming your Business to Digital bearing in mind sensitive Brazilian tax pitfalls.

Alessandra Almeida Lopes de Siqueira & Rafael Oliveira

Managing Director and Director of Product Management / Avalara Brazil & LATAM

Release time:

10:30 AM

How to implement Indian 2020 e-invoicing

Learn how Avalara India's product suite is accelerating towards becoming a multi-product compliance-as-a-service platform.

Phani Krishna and Tripti Mishra

Senior Sales Leader & Product Manager / Avalara India

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